Every new neuron is a new hope.

Pioneering research in adult neurogenesis to fight against neurodegeneration.

Project 01

Adult neurogenesis
in humans

Understanding the functional integration of new neurons to promote human brain plasticity.

Our Mission

Certain regions of the mammalian brain continue growing new neurons throughout life.

This process, named adult neurogenesis, confers an extraordinary degree of plasticity to the central nervous system.

The LlorensLab is focused on understanding the regulation of adult neurogenesis in distinct mammalian species.

Our final goal is to exploit the potential of adult neurogenesis to counteract the consequences of physiological and pathological aging.

Our main research interests are



To gain mechanistic insight into the elements that regulate the functional maturation of new neurons during adult neurogenesis.



To understand the potentially unique characteristics of adult neurogenesis in the human brain.


Therapeutic Strategies

To design novel therapeutic strategies, related to the preservation of adult neurogenesis, capable to counteract the consequences of aging and diseases on the brain.

Featured Publications


Science - Publication - 21 October 2021


Nature Medicine - Publication - 25 March 2019


Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO) Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Campus de Cantoblanco)
C/ Nicolás Cabrera 1 - 28049 Madrid (Spain)

María Llorens-Martín (PI)
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